Touring continues….

After coming from Ooty the very next day I packed the bag and left to my grand parents village. Whatte fun it was this time! Though It was too late I somehow got a reservation for the night journey in Shimoga express. The train did not leave on time. It was late by 20 mins. However the train takes 6 hours during night time. But It was late. I had to change two buses to reach the destination. The frequency of the buses is one hour one bus! I missed the second bus the next bus was after one hour. The telephone connections went dead due to heavy rains. I did not have network coverage. Without second though I decided to walk. I had to walk 10 km to reach my destination. I just wanted to reach home before the next bus would reach. I knew I would not make it. I fell 5 min short. I had walked 8 km. My speed had decreased. To help me I was dropped to my destination by someone I dint know. First he thought I was some naxalite! I was sweating in that rain too and my face looked red. But I wade it. I reached my uncles house before the bus reached there.

It was raining heavily for next few days. I visited all nearby places in that rain. One of the day I went to meet my sister. She stays in a hostel some 25 km away. My uncle gave his bike. It was very good driving there. Me after driving my unicorn I don’t feel like driving any bike. But I was wrong, my uncle’s Zeus was good enough. In the city limits I hardly get to ride in top gear for more than 10 min. From the start I was in top; until I got few steep curves. On the way it started raining heavily. I could not stop as my sister had classes. It took 20 min to reach Koppa where she had her college and hostel. Even while returning it was raining heavily. I traveled a lot this time in rain which made it a memorable one.

One of my uncles and his family desired to come to Bangalore as they had not come from long time. My college days had come to an end and I was free all the time. This gave an opportunity to roam with them. The main place of visit was Bannerghatta National Park. The Safari was for 20 min but it was good. I can say I had a closest face to face with a tiger. The bus moved at the movement I could capture only the body part in camera . I missed its face! I had heard about Butterfly park. It was a bit disappointment. It was not upto my expectation. The butterfly exhibit of various kinds and the arrangements for them to survive in that place was soothing. Iguana and Zebra were new to me! Other than that there were many birds and animals in the zoo which I felt I had seen them at least one. The collection was surprising. It is worth a one-day program.

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Tour de Ooty

Here I’m back writing about the awesome experience about the recent trip to Ooty with friends-Gautham, Avi, immi, Sunil, Sujay.

On June 30th early morning at 3 30 we left Bangalore. We had booked a Tata Sumo. We took a first stop at Cafe Coffee Day on the Mysore road just few kilometers from Mandya. We have a nice time there. The purpose of stopping there was to get rid of sleep. But no one seemed to feel sleepy. The next stop was at St. Philomena church at Mysore. It had started raining at times we felt it would destroy our program. But it was mild and chilling. It did not last long. There was a break to take snaps in front of Mysore Palace. Though we were in hurry to reach Ooty as earlier as possible we faced few problems on the way.It was well in the city of Nanjanagudu that our vehicle tyre gave a major problem. It almost took one hour from 7 15. We had coffee and waited till we could resume. At 8 30 we were still more than 100 km to Ooty.After crossing Madhumalai and those 36 hair pin curves we reached Ooty by 12 30. We had booked the lodge from here. Hotel Nahar residency. It was a real pain to search Hotel. When we asked route to that hotel, people there just said “STRAIGHT”!, even thought there would be no road straight!!! Then we had lunch at ‘Ooty meals’. It had already started raining. Our first place of sight seeing was Ooty lake. Boating was there but I had a fear they would stop it as soon as went there. When a year back I had been to Ranganathittu. the boating was stopped till the rain stopped . But here they did allow. Rs 250 for 8 heads and for 20 mins. We were only six. I saw a family with a kid. I called them to join us. So it was a full boat journey for half an hour. Next was Doddabetta. It was the best place in the entire trip. We went there at the perfect time. It is the highest view point in south India. It is 8138 MSL(mean sea level). The temperature was very low about 3-4’c. The entire place was covered mist but at a time it got evaporated and there was a clear view. Then we had to search for Fernhill Palace. We almost wasted 20 mins. At last when we got it we came to know it was a guest house. The palace did not entertain visitors. Botanical garden was the next in the list. The garden was cool. A nice time pass. But what shocked us the most was the parking. There was no board or instructions for parking. But as sson as we took our vehicle out a person having the parking receipt charged 50 bucks. The entrance for the garden for one head was Rs.10 but for parking its 50!! Our day with sight seeing came to an end. We had nice time in the hotel that night.

Coonoor: The whole of next day we had to finish places at Coonoor and return to Bangalore as early as possible. On the way we also wanted to go for a safari at Bandipur. We had to reach Bandipur by 4 PM. The day started off bit slowly. The way to Shola forest was very scenic. The roads were not too good but however it was well maintained there. In Shola forest we came across a view point from where we could see the rail passing from many kilometer above it. The point was called Pakka Surana view point. From there we went to Lamb’s rock view point and Dolphin Nose viewpoint. They were all similar with enormous scenic beauty. We were running out of time so we had to drop laws falls.Another botanical garden Sim’s park was thw last till lunch. After lunch we left for Bandipur. We reached Bandipur at 5 15pm. The bad news was waiting for us. It was july 1st and in Karnataka safari at many places were called off for a month from that day! With this our vehicle broke down at Gundalpet at 6 50 PM. We took a tea break by the time the vehicle had to be repaired. We reached Mysore by 8. The problem did not end. Almost when we reached Mandya again vehicle gave a problem. This time it was a major one. It was a Sunday night and all the automobile shops were closed. The driver was from Mandya and his family was out up there. He somehow managed to get the vehicle repaired by 10 PM. From there we took two and half hours to reach Bangalore.