Life @ Cognizant

After first day in C V Raman nagar we were told to report at Airport road office the next working day for training. The training lasted for more than two months. At the beginning of the training I had no clue it would have a beautiful ending. I always thought training would be very boring. The basic idea behind the training and the work after that had created few doubts in my mind. But whatever it was, at the end of two months it was like a time bound journey which will stay in the memory for years from now.

Initial days were spent thinking when the training gets over and we will start working. But as the days passed it was not the same. At times I have felt why don’t this continue for two more months. It was all fun to be in that training. I had a nice time listening to the trainer! Most of the times it was not true. Best part is the outlook chat! As there were no chat engines(web sense) outlook played a major role. Entire day the screen would not stay without outlook. Also the games we used to get from other batch mates. The days passed too fast than expected. I can not forget the days we played basket ball and cricket. My college was located in J C road, can imagine in that busy area there was no playground. It was like I had not played for years. To compensate that we almost played everyday unless we had a strict trainer who would not leave till the minute. Not to forget the tests. Fudge, share, copy everything was allowed till we were caught!!!

Life at academy had one more best part I can always remember. The bus journey. I can continue writing for pages about the bus journey. Dc being the best part.


Wonderla photos & videos

The journey into the world of fun started from here:
The entrance:

The view of few water slides from the 13th floor:Water slides
Crazy cars:You would never want to stop playing this. Crazy cars
We are waiting for Y Scream: b4 y scream

This is maverick. Avi,suj,sunil,me bharath(2nd from left onwards)
Drop zone: First dry game which imi wanted to play twice.

ImI,bharath,sunil, me(from left). Avi sat to the right of imi with others. While we played second time he sat with us. Bharath did not play.

Well next two videos are not ours.

Wind mill or hurricane: Avi,sunil and I sat together in this.It was really nice. At one point up I told sunil “I didn’t know this rotates!!”

Insane: Sunil was made to sit somewhere else. Avi and I sat together. After a while I found avi very silient. I told him to shout and he did- “Uncle, stop madi”. It was his best dry game.

This is our group (suj missing) Wonder group


On 7th of this month we six- Avi, Imi, Suj, Sunil, Bharath and me had one of the best days of ours lives. We had nice time at this wonderful place wonderla. Well it was kind of scary, thrill, real entertaining, full of fun also free from the sound and pollution.

We left bangalore by 10. we reached there by 11. Its about one km walk from the bus stop. The wonderla bus took us inside the wonderla. Here games are divded as dry games and wet games. We decided to play wet games first. We kept all the valuables like camera , mobile ,cash in the locker and went to get wet in water. Our first game was wonder splash. It was really good. A carriage takes us up an elevation using a conveyor. The Carriage then moves down a steep incline at a great speed before making one Big Splash and coming to a halt slowly. We all went in that ride many times. Then we got into the water. We were the first to get into the water. Now mixed responses came. Few wished to play wet games after playing dry games. We had been there to enjoy so no all agreed to change and play dry games. Now in dry games first one was Wonderla Bamba. Imi said he won’t get into those kind as he felt he had acrophobia. We all pulled him to the game. It makes clockwise and anti clockwise movements with quick accelerations in both directions, and slows down carrying atleast 15 members at a time. Imi first closed his eyes but later enjoyed. Then next was Maverick. This was breath holding ride. Its similar to bamba. It took us up and for few seconds it halted at upside down position. It made many fast rotations at many angles. It was the first of scary type we played. Next was Y-scream. It was the most scary rides we had according to me. It had option of two persons sitting side by side and were plenty of two seaters. After reaching a particular height it used to slow down and make us upside down. It was too scary. Then it increased its speed. Many rotations in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Next we played was Pirates. It was a ship carrying us to move in to and fro motion. After this Bharath, suj din’t make to play in other rides. Next Techno jump. However Bharath made to this but could not enjoy. He had to close his eyes and put his head down. This ride literally threw us out of the chairs. Took different ordered throws. One after other with a hissing sound coming from background. Next was Drop zone. Imi accompanied avi, sunil and me. In this it took us to a great height and dropped without any clue to half the height or at times three fourth the total height. We went twice in this. Imi badly wanted to play Funkey monkey. Though it was meant for children we played in it. Bharath and suj did not come. It was regular carrige going at circular rounds. Next Avi, sunil and me waited to play in an insane game called Insanity. Avi was feared to maximum in this. He started shouting ‘stop it now’. it took off and started rotating and revolving at a comparable speed. It made our face almost come near the ground level. Next was Windmill. I was horrified. Avi, sunil and me sat together. I dint know it will start rotating and revolving suddenly like a wind mill even at that height. We all ate and started with wet games. All the wet games were unforgettable. Many of them we went for multiple times. The arrangements was more than satisfactory. We played in the lazy river for half an hour. Then we played in the wave pool twice at an interval of one hour or more. It caused artificial waves, big waves. Then we changed again and went to the 13th floor building. On the top of which is a Sky wheel. All went and played in it imi being silent due to the fear of the height. The We went and played Termite coaster and termite train. It was pretty dark at 6 30 pm and we enjoyed them. Last but a nice one Crazy cars , motto being dash as many times as possible.We played twice. We were willing to play once more but they did not allow. It was 5 minutes to 7. It was time for the musical fountain and laser show. Musical fountain was much better than what I had seen at Mysore in my childhood. Laser show was brilliant.The only thing we did not like is the cine magic. A virtual theatre. It was pretty small. At first we thought it would be like a 3D film. But It was not. Graphics were good. At the end of everything it made us feel bad to leave that place. All the activities came to en end at 7. We then ate cotton candy and left the place.