Staying away – my updates

It has  been more than 1.5 years that I wrote something here. Staying away what have I been doing? Putting down: short updates since I wrote last.

The last time I wrote was when I got my birth day celebration photos, that was in Cognizant. I quit cognizant in 5th May 2009 and joined Keane the very next day.  It has been 6 months I am working in Keane. Time passes so soon. I had given my XAT, SNAP last year. Had not the market condition- recession touched peak, I would be doing my MBA in some institute, would have finished one year by now!!  The reason same applies for quitting Cognizant. Few changes in the team made me think for other opportunities. Not that I did not like the new role I got just few months before I left, but it was just getting hectic. Change in role is always good if  you work in a pleasing time and not completely to the new required timings.  I did learn a lot after that transition. Well it was time to move on to new job and Keane gave me a chance. Now I am deprived of weekend holidays but do get in the middle of the week-the same complete two days.

Not to forget about the drafts which never got chance to get posted.  The trips to theppakadu with cognizant team;  Melkote, Shivgange with batchmates and bus mates. Vellore and Thiruvannamalai with family in our car. Confirmation and travelling woes  in cognizant,   also one more post about job switch all remains as draft and I would not think of completing them and posting as I think they are stale!!


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