My Bday @office

First birthday celebrated in corporate life! The photos speak everything.Cake-First shot

I don’t have an answer if you ask why 3 candles!! It may be because: CTS-3 letters, WMC-3 letters(The client I work for)Three Candles

Looking at the camera!

Cake cutting!

My team(few are missing)



2 thoughts on “My Bday @office

  1. Salil Dhawan says:


    I visited your blog at

    Very nice blog.Really liked it.

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    and pour in your comments there.Do tell your friends who interested.
    Do follow my blog if interested.I am from Cognizant,Pune.:)


  2. Robert says:

    Its amazing life in corporate……..Isn’t it. You get this type of events but no time to write a blog. Life is great in great jobs but at what cost??

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