Life @ Cognizant

After first day in C V Raman nagar we were told to report at Airport road office the next working day for training. The training lasted for more than two months. At the beginning of the training I had no clue it would have a beautiful ending. I always thought training would be very boring. The basic idea behind the training and the work after that had created few doubts in my mind. But whatever it was, at the end of two months it was like a time bound journey which will stay in the memory for years from now.

Initial days were spent thinking when the training gets over and we will start working. But as the days passed it was not the same. At times I have felt why don’t this continue for two more months. It was all fun to be in that training. I had a nice time listening to the trainer! Most of the times it was not true. Best part is the outlook chat! As there were no chat engines(web sense) outlook played a major role. Entire day the screen would not stay without outlook. Also the games we used to get from other batch mates. The days passed too fast than expected. I can not forget the days we played basket ball and cricket. My college was located in J C road, can imagine in that busy area there was no playground. It was like I had not played for years. To compensate that we almost played everyday unless we had a strict trainer who would not leave till the minute. Not to forget the tests. Fudge, share, copy everything was allowed till we were caught!!!

Life at academy had one more best part I can always remember. The bus journey. I can continue writing for pages about the bus journey. Dc being the best part.


11 thoughts on “Life @ Cognizant

  1. dinesh says:

    Well, Im also a cognizant employee(Project Lead)

  2. danish khan says:

    good i am also going to join cognizant as a business analyst in may 2011

  3. Nausheen says:

    Hi I am from Bangalore and am posted for training at chennai.will cognizant heed if we request for location change? And one more thing do they post u somewhere els after ur training or is it mandatory wherever u get training u r posted there only ?

    • shashikiran says:

      They do ask before whether you are ok to travel to different locations. Contact the HR, they are friendly and will help you with the concerns.
      The posting depends on the project availability and allocation. Its not mandatory that you will be posted where you get training.

  4. parth sharma says:

    recently i got selected in cts in college campus. my BE will be completed in may end.. I want to know is it mandatory that training would held in chennai? is chennai is the only training centre… Also how much time i had to wait for offer letter or joining letter…..

  5. arune says:

    i am also going to join in cognizant… hope that life there will be great….

  6. Abhijeet says:

    Hi..I am ABHIJEET SHUKLA and i got selected in campus placement of CTS.Now i want to know which type of the quiz
    they arrange during training to test our capabilities and how should i prepare to perform best during training.

    Thank you in advance.

  7. harsh says:

    Well,Can you elaborate more on your training experience. I’m from non-IT background. So,is cognizant a good place for me to start my career?

  8. Muthukrishnan says:

    Can u tel me about the module tests during the training ?

    I have been put into the Mainframe domain. Will those tests be easy ? Because i got a bit scared cos they said tat the job ll be terminated if we fail to get 60 % in those tests !!.

  9. sharmi says:

    Hai plz tell about domain selection during training and tests conducted during training.What do they expect from freshers?

  10. Siddharth Mehta says:

    got placed at cognizant via campus today!!! looking forward to working at this place….

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