1st Day @ Cognizant

I joined Cognizant on 17th August. The first day was very good. They made us feel very comfortable. The fear of being exposed to the corporate world did not prevail for long. We were made to play virtual volley ball after taking our signature on various documents. The basic idea of making us play virtual volley ball was to know each other in the batch. First we were divided into 6 groups consisting of 5 members in each team. My team reached till finals and we were runners up. But we were presented with the same prize as of the winners. That was a cap on which the company name was written on the sides. After lunch we were told to report at wockhardt hospital for medical check up. This is a group snap of my batch. There are 30 in my batch. One missing in the snap. cts2elt.


3 thoughts on “1st Day @ Cognizant

  1. nancy says:

    Short n sweet report!!!!:):):)

  2. shashikiran says:

    Even after sitting entire day in front of the comp I hardly get time to spend here!!!

  3. nancy says:

    goobe…i knw ull keep dozzin in front of it!!!!! :D:D:D

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