Post exam time!

Exams had their happy ending on 19th. Just hoping to get marks for what I have written I started spending time attending functions, watching movies and touring. Three days after the exam I went to a marriage and reception on same day followed by Satyanaryan pooje the next day. It had been months I went to a function where in I could get in touch with some of my relatives. I got DVDs from a friend. He gave about 7 DVDs of all time watchable movies like Oceans eleven, FD1,2, Stuart Little1,2 Enemy at the gates, Road to Perdition. Of which I have almost finished 5 in two days. Other than that movies featured in tv. Next comes touring. Of which upcoming is the trip with friends. The location decided till now is Ooty- Coonoor which may or may not change! Then I’m planning to go to my native place the very next day I come from Ooty. Will write about the trip after coming from native place.


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