I look up in my site calender to know- I am away from writing for about two months now. Damn! I am approaching towards the end of my graduation. The three years bringing revolutionary changes in me, is gonna end! Now that I should be studying seriously for the final semester exam I am finding out ways not to get bored, Of which the best thing is to update my site.
I was busy with the project to be submitted as a partial fulfillment of last semester. We made a software for automation of sales and billing of a car showroom using VB and SQL. It was fun as we finished it without any one’s help. We learned different ways to implement certain features and were successful too. I enjoyed teaching others too. Next is the record writing. Being in final semester I had not written anything from the starting. So the entire record had to be completed in very short duration. Next came preparatory exam. Though I had not prepared too well I managed to write well! I blame the busy project work for this. Finally I finished my practical exams this week. So its the time to sit and study well for the final exam. Its hard to believe that I will be going to college(officially) only for 6 times to write the exam. Exactly next month by this time I would have finished my exams. Will definitely miss the college!!


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