Infosys aptitude test was on 8th . After all Karnataka bandh news I thought I would miss this test. As planned months before I had been to Thirthalli to attend a function on 7th. To my luck bandh got postponed to 12th. I had left Bangalore on 6th night, returned on 8th morning. I looked sick which isn’t new especially after waiving two nights sleep. According to the news I got the presentation about the company was over on 7th . Only the recruitment process was left for 8th. But they gave one more presentation and it was 11 30 when they directed us to the rooms to take up the test. They gave us the application form to be filled. Next they gave us OMR answer scripts. We took lot of time to fill in the details. We started the test by 1. By 2 15 they gave another paper to write an essay for about 10 mins. They announced the results by 3. Infosys selected students separately for BPO , for them interview was over and 101 people were selected. But for IT they told us to come to Infosys office at Kormangala on 15th.

My internals were going on. They allowed us to go there by 12 for our convenience. There were several other colleges too. We had to wait for long(12 30 to 3 30) to be called for interview. By 3 30 our college turn came. They had selected 22/42 from Christ college, 4/5 from Garden city college, 6/14 from JNC. We were wondering how many of us would get selected from 15 of us. I just used to think Gods must be laughing. My chance, as always, came almost at the end. Interview went on for at least 20 -25 mins for me. We were waiting for the results. They selected 12/15. I was one among those 12. I was really happy. I just imagined the number of times I told myself not to write aptitude or not to attend interview!! I just thought I still have all my dice rolling and I’m in full possession of a lively mind!


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