Dandeli, after 12 months!!!!

Last year by this time I was involved in a higher degree of fun and joy. In three years of graduation we had one industrial trip to Mico factory. Other than that only selected students were taken to Ramnagar. I was not lucky to be a part of that. But was lucky enough not to miss the Dandeli trip. I had not told any of my friends about me going with them to the trip but somehow they got to know when they went to pay the money. Sujay and me had decided together to go to the trip.

Our rafting team was too good. We had asked them to give few photos of rafting but we were given only one. Those others small sized photos were not for us. Still I got one photo . Hoping to get minimum of two more. Till then will post only these two.

Different angle



3 thoughts on “Dandeli, after 12 months!!!!

  1. sahana says:

    wow the photos are too good..try to get few more.. as i was seeing the photos i just remembered the whole trip.. its the memorable trip…

  2. Chandru says:

    We often vist the Dandeli because we love forest very much and my friends like to drive in the forest and our team is the adventours team
    all of them can see us on orkut in the communities The nature and wild life

  3. shashikiran says:

    Smitha mam is very busy…. She is not replying. She had told by weekend she would send me. But she dint 😦
    Hey in short u are very lucky to visit that place often.

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