Rew 06,HNY 07

First of all, it was in Jan 27th I started up this Moonlight. The number relating the site and other details will write in coming days. I was a part of a VB project in class. The designing was in progress.The best expedition till now;Dandeli trip. It was on Feb 02nd till 05th. Then I got my bike on feb 8th. Watched RDB, on the same day got to know I scored good marks in the semester exams. In march, though exams were nearing, saw many movies including Amruthadhra and many more. April 12th unforgettable day for various reasons. Many experiences that I cant forget. Dr. Rajkumar’s death. Due to road block, no transportation,had to walk a lot in fear in mind to reach home. By may I had finished a mini project with a bakery-cafe. Had tough time with studies. June & july I was occupied with sports. Wimbeldon and word cup were major while other cricket matches were also there. India tour of WI. In Sep I had been to wonderla with friends. Had bunked Time class on 28th sep had nice time with friends. In October had faced the group discussion and Interview for the first time conducted by Mindtree. Nov & dec were the busy months academically. Full two months lasting exams. Was Be Busy bee with placements, got through Cognizant, wrote ITC aptitude and got through. Took cognizant offer letter.
Thats how last year was!


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