Today Cognizant tech came for campus recruitment. It was not specifically called for science degree students but it was for all streams. Now that all streams call made me feel its a BPO kind job and not a technical job,if not why would they call commerce & and other branches. Thats the first and last doubt I had. It was made clear in the presentation that it wasn’t any BPO or technical support job. I wrote the aptitude. Got through it. There was no Group discussion. I had to wait from 2 to 5 to face the interview. Finally the outcome was good I got selected for Cognizant and I need to collect the offer letter tomorrow. But something is really worrying me. I decided to attend the interview because all the sources known to me said i can attend for one more company’s placement program unless I get the offer letter. i.e I can take up till I get two offer letters and after which I am not supposed to participate in any other placement process. But after I came to know I got selected in cognizant they told I can’t attend any other placement process. Its not that I dont want to work with cognizant but still somewhere I feel should be given a chance.


One thought on “Cognizant

  1. as says:

    Given chance for what ? If you didn’t want to join cognizant they why did you write the test at the first place. Now you say you want one more chance to write ?? what about other students.. you are eating others placements also. So stop being so selfish.. if you got placed be happy and not sit and cry that you want to write all the companies come!! Got it? There are others who want to get placed too.. so stop being so selfish..

    BTW congrats on being placed in Cognizant!! All the best for exams..

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