Don and Jaan-E-Maan released on the same day. But both are different kind of movies. If Don has two roles for SRK, this film has two roles for Sallu. In first half , Akshay has done well, but in later salman has performed well, all others look dull. Second half turns to be touchy while first half bachpana. Suhan and Piya marry going against elder’s wishes. Then Suhan wants to concentrate on his dream and they split. The divorce and Suhan is made to pay alimony. But he isn’t serious about his life. To avoid paying alimony to piya, his uncle (Anupam Kher) plans to bring someone into piya’s life and get them married. Bakra for this is Chappu-Agastya. With Suhan’s help Chappu tries to impress his old friend piya. Theres good comedy, with Aman Verma trying to guard piya , suhan not allowing him to pour water on his plans. But there is something which changes Suhan. He falls for piya again. He gets serious about his life as well as piya’s. From then Salman’s acting is excellent. He looks superb when he cries on a bridge. He wants to get back with Piya but she agrees to marry Chappu as everyone pushes her to marry him. Suhan feels right to sacrifice his love. Thats not the ending! I thought it would not have a good ending as it had no warning. Chappu plays a crucial role in the climax. There are few flaws but not big ones. The cinematography is brilliant. Picturization of songs and choreography is good. Only three songs are good to hear. Its Humko maloom hai …. song which keeps repeating whenever flash back is being showed. Sau dard hai is the best song according to me, its really good. In Ajnabi shehar lyrics is good and its a silent one.
Best actress in this film: The cute little baby with piya!!!

Movie is neither as bad as Rajeev Masand thinks!!! nor as good as per rediff review. Few may feel bored if expects a good show from the start.


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