Spiderman 3

Last year Superman returns released and it did not meet the expectations of the viewers. But atleast according to me Spiderman 3 will not be a failure. This film is gonna release next summer. I saw the trailer and was impressed. I liked the costume design. The spider pattern on th black dress looks good.

“How long.. Can any man fight the darkness…. Before he finds it in himself!”

Here is the trailer.

The best part in the trailer is his reflection. In his reflection he sees a normal spiderman. But he isn’t normal.Watch it.


3 thoughts on “Spiderman 3

  1. Roshan says:

    Usually all trailers look good and promise a lot.
    This one looks SUPERB and definitely promises a lot. Hopefully the movie is going to stand up to that. One of the most awaited sequels, for sure.

  2. shashikiran says:

    Man u r right…. I remember the Superman returns and MI3 trailers….. Both were really good but movie dint work…..

  3. Spiderman remake in Malayalam will be a sure shot superhit with the superhit action hero doing the lead role.

    Suresh Gopi’s only worry is if people will recognize him with that mask and spiderman dress.

    More Details @ http://www.simplymalayalees.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=344&PID=693#693

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