Radio talks

Radio rocks. These days I have been nearly addicted to radio. Whether I’m at home or not I would rather not miss my radio! Four years back radio city fm 91 MHz gave a kind of rebirth to the radio. It ruled on top for these years with out any contender. But now the scene is different. Radio city had few good RJ’s that time, who dropped out for various reasons. Presentation is very important especially when you have to visualize whatever is being told by them.

    Now there are about 7 stations now:

  • Radio city 91.10
  • Indigo 91.90
  • Big 92.70
  • Radio one 94.30
  • Radio mirchi 98.30
  • Rainbow 101.30
  • Vivid Bharathi 102.90

Big is the new station. Its new. It was released in many cities at a time. But I feel it has limited sources and collections. They play the same song many times. Most of the time its Kannada. They got all big heads as RJs. Sihi kahi chandru, mimcry Dayanand, Shalini (papa pandu fame), Deepu and many others. But I really did not like Big fm. Programs are some times just dragged with out getting any topic of discussion. Even the verses make a weird sound but not to forget Chandru and Dayanand are good. I don’t like “naan deepu, naanu nimma typu!!!” Shalini at late night in a program ‘secret shalu’ drags the program till u feel bored and sleep. But its good in radio one. RJs know to speak and are good at presentation. They don’t need to go for tea to refresh themselves like Deepu! Radio mirchi was good before the birth of Radio one. In mirchi ads have increased in the same way as how radio city did. But programs are good. Indigo is all time rock. It depends on the taste of listening to western music.

Radio is the best companion, especially when I get a seat while travelling in bus.


2 thoughts on “Radio talks

  1. Harshavardhan v says:

    U being a kannadiga, u cant say that its always in kannada. Listen to other stations like radio city, mirchi. They put most of the times hindi songs.
    They are trying to implement or save kannada being destroyed in the capital city of karnataka

  2. shashikiran says:

    Hmmmm… I did not mean to say they are doing a crime by presenting kannada songs I meant they play kannada songs repeatedly may be due to the lack ok sources…… Now the new S fm is a kannada station. Mast maja maadi….

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