First time..

When I was in PU, while going in bus I used to go infront of two tall building. Even before knowing what exactly those buildings were about, I thought “One day I’ll work there“. Now I had a chance of getting there ,working there after my graduation. But missed it by an edge. Mindtree consulting came to our college for campus recruitment. Thursday we had presentation by the company and aptitude test conducted by them. There were 60+ students from BCA, BSc Computer science. They selected 47 students for next round. I cleared aptitude test and next day by 10, I came to know I was one among those 47. Next round was group discussion. Topic for the discussion was “The world without Internet“. Out of ten in our group 8 spoke positively listing the advantages. I started with negative points and got more chance to speak! Discussion was good. I cleared it too. One to one interview was next. Three from mindtree were doing that job. The one interviewed me asked me many technical questions. How my interview was? I do not have a proper answer for that. I can say I knew where I was after the interview. The results were announced next day. I did not get through. Many of my friends kept telling it was not the only company many others were yet to come and I should not feel bad. But frankly speaking I felt bad. They selected 18 totally, 13 from BCA, 5 from BSc where 4 of them were from my class. My mind kept on thinking about two things. Firstly, I may have not done the interview to the mark but still one in 18 was never difficult. Secondly the thoughts kept revolving around the words of others ‘not the only company’ but my mind knew there was a difference. Now hoping for the best from my side rather than blaming luck. It was really a good experience rather than making it to the job in first attempt or not.


8 thoughts on “First time..

  1. Rk says:

    Better luck next time 🙂

  2. aparna says:

    i no you were disappointed… it was seen on your face. but dats not d end. der our better companies den mind tree which are coming to our college. n im confident you’ll get thru one of them… so chill. n keep smiling.

  3. shashikiran says:

    Thanks bro 😉
    Thats wat I mentinoned, There r other companies but they r not mindtree!

  4. Megha says:

    Felt bad when i read that. But surprised to know that my bro would be soooo disappointed. Agreed that every company is not mindtree but hope that you will get bigger company than this. better luck next time.

  5. shashikiran says:

    Hey, maggi thanQ….. As u said some big company may be waiting for me 😉

  6. sandeep says:

    dont remember failure is the stepping stone of success

  7. sandeep says:

    hey i ment to say not worry that thing got left out see ya bye

  8. shashikiran says:

    Oh Sandy…….. Thanks……… 😉

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