Cool weather,rainbow!

Weather here at Bangalore from past few days is awesome. Early morning it will be cool as ever but during afternoon the temperature will increase. By eveing the sky will be covered by clouds. One would guess the persistence of the weather. Sometimes it will rain in the evening with the bright sun uncovered by clouds.The weather is same from past many days. The best thing to do when its raining is go and drench(according to me) Weather is one of the main reasons why people flood into this city. No danger from any natural calamities like flood, cyclone. Earth quake, rarely on ritchers scale. What else does anyone want?

Day before yesterday there were two rainbows at a time in the sky. The colors were clearly separated. One was dark while the other started to fade. Many have missed to enjoy this wonderful moments. When I told to my friends they did not believe me. I could easily read their expression. I too had not seen two rainbow at a time together.


You can notice the second rainbow to the left of the dark one.

Two rainbows

Second rainbow almost fading away in the above picture.


A very clear colored rainbow.


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