Angels & Demons

Another page turning thriller by Dan Brown. This is not just a fast-paced fiction but highly reasearched hi-tech drama with numerous shocks and twists. The way the antimatter is held responsible for the entire drama is good. Antimatter, the mirror image of matter being very powerful i.e, highly unstable and gets ignited when it comes in contact with anything. Leonardo vetra is the creator of the antimatter. He is killed and is branded with a name on his chest-ILLUMINATI. Robert Langdon is called by Maximilian Kohler,director general of CERN. He wants Langdon to him to trace the killer. Meanwhile Vittoria, daughter of Leonardo arrives. She explains how her father and herself made up minds to invent antimatter, which inturn may be the cause of her father’s death. But she is sure they had not revealed it to anyone. She also demonstrates the result of antimatter explosion. Later to her shock they get to know about the stolen canister containing huge amount of antimatter. It is trapped in the container such that it is not contact with absolutely nothing,even the air. Then Langdon and Vittoria reach Vatican city in serach of the lost canister. From there the pace increases. Now a great challenge is to be faced by them. They have less than six hours to find out where it is hidden. After six hours it will explode. Fifteen before, the pope had passed away in a suspicious way, leaving behind the story about the fatal stroke while sleeping being the cause for his death. According to the tradition after fifteen days Vatican was holding conclave- the sacred ceremony in which the 165 cardinals of th world come together to elect the new pope. Four cardinals were missing and one among them was going to be selected as next pope.The so called unknown caller gives them very less time to find the canister. He also gives them a clue that the missing cardinals will be killed at a regular interval of one hour. Will they be able to save the lives of missing cardinals? Rest is all too good. Their ultimate goal is to find the canister. Now how they stop the explsion you must read it. At the end Langdon plays a crucial role.

To conclude its really worth reading the book.


6 thoughts on “Angels & Demons

  1. Roshan says:

    I have read Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress and Angels & Demons. All are similar and contain knowledge in different scenarios. In terms of knowledge, I liked Digital Fortress more. In terms of the plot and the story, Angels and Demons was the best.
    I would like to point out that though the book says about a method to store antimatter(for the sake of the plot), CERN hasnt yet developed a method to store antimatter.

  2. shashikiran says:

    Oh is it?
    Then at a point in Angels and demons I started feeling the story being dragged or atleast at the end. . Din’t u feel that???

  3. Roshan says:

    No. I didnt feel it being dragged a lot. It was interesting till the end.
    I feel Dan Brown usually drags the climax of the story – trys to keep the truth of the story as late as possible in the story.

  4. aparna says:

    hey.. so u finally finished angels n demons…. hey no da dan brown has not dragged d book at all….

  5. Harshavardhan v says:

    It was very boring in the end, after a good start to the story. But still it was somewhat good to read. But Dan Brown has improved a lot after writing this book. The Da Vinci Code was simply superb.

  6. shashikiran says:

    I expected it to end long time before it did. Lost interest while reaching the end….

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