Few more rip offs…

In one of my eariler post I had mentioned about the similarities between two different songs. Here there are few more but not similarities I would say total ripp off. This year’s one of the greatest musical hit Gangster has few awesome songs. Who doesn’t like Ya Ali or Bheegi Bheegi or Lamha Lamha?? All the three songs were the among the best songs of the year. Now let me tell you how Pritam managed to do such a good job. All the above songs are rip offs of Arabic , Bangla and pakistani songs. Ya ghali is the original song of ya ali. An Aarabic band by name Guitara has this song in its Qissati album. Bheegi bheegi is copied from the song Prithibi by Mohiner Ghoraguli. Then Lamha lamha is copied from Kal Shab Dekha from a Pakistani singer Waris Baig.

Then coming to Faana. Last film for the music duo Jatin-Lalit. It featured a song Chanda Chamke which indeed is similar to Yara Yara from Hum Tum which is also a rip off from Samra Wil Beyda by Miami Group.
Guitara, backed by Saudi prince are thinking to sue Pritam. Do listen to Ya Ghali its cool.

There are many songs like this. These are just few examples.


8 thoughts on “Few more rip offs…

  1. Rk says:

    You have taken up some research to find out the original versions of songs or what ? 🙂 Such fine copy paste from different sources, Pritam, I tell you, IT industry needs you.

  2. shashikiran says:

    Hey bro well said….. He is very good at copy paste…
    U like Dhoom machale from dhoom? The starting lines are copied. But the tag Dhoom machale is his own. Also Shikdum is copied from a song called shikdim.

  3. Arjun says:

    dude u have so much of time 4huntin stuff gr8 dude nice thin u tell ppl from ur site keep it up dude…..l

  4. shashikiran says:

    Thanks… Hope u got the answer why I told “so much is there to do”……

  5. Sathish says:

    innondu song ideyo…zehreeli raatein from chocolate is a direct rip off on Jal’s song, “Juda hoke bhi”…In fact, the antara of both the songs are the same…”Ab to aadat si hain mujhko jeene main…”:) I think chocolate’s music was by Pritam…!!

  6. shashikiran says:

    Yes I know that….  Infact I’ve written about it . As u told pritam is the music director. Read it its here:

  7. Arun says:

    I’ve heard that ALL the songs of gangster are copied from lesser known bands and sources. The whole idea behind composing music has changed – now Pritam, Anu mallik and the likes should be called “Music Compilers” rather than composers.

  8. shashikiran says:

    Good idea… 😉 Music composers=> Music compilers
    Don’t they think before lifting the tune and so on!!?

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