Police Story….

This is true story and I am a part of it! I had applied for passport in the month of may. Recently it was announced in newspaper about the clearing of the process until june end. So I checked the status and came to know its under police verification. According to the rules its their duty to come to my residence. Check out for the correctness of the address. Verify my existence at that place. Then check with their sources whether I’ve been involved in any case and so on. Finally they have to send it to the passport office. But in my story its all different. I had to go to the station and show my interest in getting my passport as early as possible. My dad went to the station and collected information that when I should go and complete the formalities which is actually not a rule of any kind! Accordingly, I went to the police station in search of P1 who is incharge of passports. As soon as I entered the police at the door said p1 is not available. When I asked him about his return, he directly told me he would not return that day at all. So I started to leave. But to my rescue two policemen were entering and I asked them again. The one in civil dress told me he was the one whom I was searching for. He took me inside the station and started chatting with others. I sat patiently watching them. Then I asked him again. He told the SI was not there and told me to meet the next day.
The next day was different. When I asked police at the reception about p1, he sent me to the concerned cabin. There I could not recognise the one whom I had seen the day before. By the time p2 came and introduced himself as p1. For atleast half an hour I stood watching him speak in phone. I was standing in great disappointment wondering as when he will start working. I told him I was busy and had to leave for college thinking he will start the process of completing formalities. He also said the inspector was not in the station so I had given appointment for next day.
I was kind of sure the next day would be the same. Now p3 also introduced himself to be p1. I was confused. P1 is the higher official of both p2 and p3. They were naming themselves as p1 in order to experience the power!! P3 was somewhat humble(he looked). He was some what ready to work. Now p2 also entered. Both were perplexed when I told them that I had met p1 the day before!! P3 somewhat ordered p2 to get my file and finish the verification and leave the file on the p1‘s table. P2 did it without any questions. But he made me wait for long. Then he took my sign and asked few questions. I answered then upto my knowledge. He went out to take photocopy and didn’t return at all. I was just looking around at the dark room where I was sitting. There were lots of files kept on the two tables. I read ‘Petty’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Crimes’ etc. I looked behind to know a person calling himself “fringer frint expert“. He was applying kind of dye to a metal block and was rolling a instrument. Then he called few thives they had arrested. One had stolen the vegetables. One had cheated someone by occupying the vacant site and so on. He gave instructions to keep their hand on the metal block one by one. Meanwhile p2 returned. He took one more sign and told me, once p1 looks into the file I may go. But p1 started acting fishy. He suddenly took out some old file and instructed the other two to help him. P2 told him that I had been to station many times and waited long. So he told him to get my work done first. But p1 did not listen. He told what he wanted them to do was emergency. So I had to wait. Then finally p1 told me to come that evening as SI was on special duty. I left the station with out objecting.
When I reached home I explained my dad whatever happened. At the same time p2 called me and told it was not necessary to come to station that evening. He told me he would look into matter. He also told me to meet him sometime when I am free. Here ends the police story for the now.


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