I had not imagined 28th, Friday would be such a long day nor my friEnds had!! But it was a day all five-Avinash, Imran, me, Sunil and Sujay(2-?’s and 3-!’s are for five of us) would remember even after many years. Spending about 7 hours in college made us wait for such a day. Friday was a special day. We had only three hours of college. Classes were only till 11(from 8 30). Then we decided to enjoy the rest of the day. We had no plans of going for a movie. So it was finalised to go to Sujay’s house.His house is near Bannerghatta road, rest four of us stay equally far away from his house. Avi near HAL. Imi at vijaynagar. Sunil at srinagar. Imi was not willing to come with us later he agreed.

It was nearly 1 pm when we reached Suj’s place. While going to his house we decided to prepare Pav bhaji at his place. So we bought all the necessary items. On the way Imran decided to go for Namaz with sujay’s friend- Ismail. It was not what anyone expected. When we reached his home he did not have the key for the lock put to the mesh door. He asked his neighbours but his brother had not given it. Now to get the key he had to go to southend.Which would be equivalent to going to college again. We had no choice rather than breaking it. But we tried to do it differently. If both the latches from inside are made to open up then we could open the mesh door without breaking the lock. Suj helped me (by locking his hands so that i could climb up) to climb up just to watch the arrangement of the latch below. I pulled the door hard, meanwhile avi pulled the door from down. Now I got down and helped avi. Then Suj opened the latch somehow. He had the keys for the other door locks of the main door. Now it was some kind of magic we were inside his house. Then we all helped him to prepare pav bhaji. Cutting vegetables, peeling potatoes, applying butter to pav, cooking bhaji was all done by us under the guidance of suj (head cook). Avi, sunil and me played cards in between, Imi watched tv. Then I helped others to update orkut profiles. Then we ate and left to Ismail’s room. Then we played cricket. In our group many played cricket after years, still it was very good. Everyone enjoyed. Then we all sat and watched a total time pass movie. I won’t forget how imi rolled and fell from bed laughing all the way. Then when we left Ismail’s room it was 7 30 pm. So much in a day. we travelled together till Minerva circle by then it was 8 15. Then Me and sunil went in search of auto. We dint get it till 8 45. Then by 9 sunil dropped me till Basavanagudi. Later I walked from half way to reach home by 9 45. Avi also reached home by that time.

I had left home early morning by 7 30 and returned home by 9 45 night. One day full of activities which I will remember for long…..


5 thoughts on “FriEnds??!!!

  1. nive says:

    hi…reading this small one day tale of urs..all i can say is mind blowing!!! gud one!!

  2. shashikiran says:

    Hmmm… Words are less for the lock breaking event!!!!

  3. aparna says:

    u no what i would love to see u guys cuttin vegetables n peelin potatoes….

  4. shashikiran says:

    Yeahhhhh…. Thats y we dint call u alll…… Howz that…..!!

  5. aparna says:

    so mean so very mean of you……

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