Wimbledon: Its all about winning the title for 4th time. Federer won Wimbledon championship beating Nadal. It was worth watching match. Federer, the emperor was at his best winning the first set 6-0. Nadal looked worried. He was lost in his world. He did not come up untill he won a break point in the second set. But Federer did not let his focus go down. He won the second set, 7-6 easily in the tie break(7-5). The third set went in a similar method. Federer serving 13 aces,over 30 unreturned services was sure of winning the title. But in third set tie break Nadal played well to clinch the set. In the fourth set Federer proved why he is so difficult to play with. He finished 6-0 7-6 6-7 6-3.Federer wore his jacket on the pocket three cups were already there. He was happy to tell he would add one more on that pocket.

World Cup : At the begining of the world cup very few had imagined that Italy would reach finals and win the cup. I am a great fan of Brazil, Germany, Argentina but never of France. When my favos got off the tournament, I wished Italy would win the Cup because they deserved it. Many feel it was wrong that Italy got a penalty against Australia. In that case I feel it was neither good France got their first goal in the finals through the penalty. In the 7th minute Zizu scored a goal for France by a penalty shot. He was lucky or say France was lucky to get that converted into a goal. But Italy dominated the rest of the game. The 19′ haeder goal by Matterazzi was awesome.His powerful header left the keeper helpless. In the 36′Totti does a superb header which hits the bar. In a free kick at the 77′ Pirlo’s kick misses by inch. Again Italy were unlucky. At the 14′ of extra time Buffon stops a good header by zizu. Zizu gets wild 6 minutes after that. Even now I wonder what made him act like that. He got a red card for his wild act. He finishes his career in a bad manner. It was great disappointment to see that. Finally at the penalty shoot out Azzurri won 5-3 to lift the Cup.

Brazil and Spain share the FIFA fair play award. Golden boot was awarded to Klose scoring 5 goals(which is the least since many years). Buffon, the cool keeper of Italy got Lev Yashin award which is awarded for the best goal keeper. He had not allowed anyone to score untill finals unless his own team mate Zaccardo(self goal) He deserves the award as his saves were very valuable. Zizu gets golden ball for his great performance throughout the world cup.


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