Being nostalgic

One fine evening when I was walking down the street with my friend, explaining a issue of past I heard a whisper “Hmmm… Nostalgic”. I don’t know what made my friend to say it as though I should not hear it!! I don’t regret being nostalgic. Now after seven long years I am getting in touch with my higher primary school friends. Now being nostalgic, I remember many incidences which my friends don’t remember. My stay in Mumbai was not for a long term. I was there only for three years. I was a silent kind of a kid by then!!! Many of my classmates don’t even remember me. It was by Orkut I came in contact with one of my classmate. Now day by day the number of old buddies in my friends list is increasing. You get one of them and you can get others whom that person knows. I remember the days I used to play computer games. I remember the days when I used to call one of friends daily or atleast alternate days. We did not have a telephone connection at our home. I used a common telephone provided by our quarters. Hey I was good at sports. I remember the days I used to play foot ball and carrom with school friends. I also played a lot of cricket, table tennis, badminton, carrom, hockey and hide & seek game popularly called bang-bang at the quarters there….. I also remember a challenge which I won. At those days DD metro did not present any cartoon shows. But one day all of a sudden “Spiderman” show was going on. The next day I told my friends. They did not believe me. They thought I was lying. So one of my friend challenged. After one week I won the challenge. I was flying that time. We used to communicate through postal letter. But all of sudden everyone tunrned lazy and stopped writing. Now I got many of them back. I had not expected to get them back. I still remember many things there at Mumbai.I have a good memory. I think its enough for now.Then back to present!!! See my scrapbook at orkut to view the recent scraps by my old buddies.


10 thoughts on “Being nostalgic

  1. Rk says:

    yeah..I also contacted an Olllllllllddddddd friend via orkut …I never had hopes of contacting lost friends…
    what do you mean by “no phone connection at home”..we had got it pretty early..

  2. shashikiran says:

    First year we had no phone connection…. We used the phone kept down near security…..

  3. aparna says:

    guess what even i got into touch wid an old friend thru orkut… its just a lovely site…. hats off to it….

  4. shashikiran says:

    Yeah its a good site but once u get addicted it will not be easy to stop orkutting.

  5. sandeep warrier says:

    hey nice post shashi bhai ……………………………..tussi to bade writer-shiter :-).

  6. sunny says:

    oyye mera b kuch karo yaaaaarooo!!!!!

  7. aparna says:

    ya dats true… i hv kind of got addicted to dat site…

  8. shashikiran says:

    Sandy: Thanks dude…. Nice to c ur comment….. btw U are also one among my frends who came in contact after seven long years…..
    Sunny:ok will invite u buddy…..

    Aparna: Don’t get addicted its not good……

  9. hardik says:

    soooooooooo true, in some cases only though.
    yaar, don worry , some day they will recollect, its jus that some pple need more things untill it strikes them.
    eg , here jus ur name was enuff to make me imagine u , but for others it takes time
    dont take it on heart dude. chilllllllllllllllllaxxxxxx
    oyeeeee, did u c dhoom2?
    im sure, when u c aishwariya n bipasha in there , u r bound to forget everythin. seriously, ull even forget that ur name is shahikiran(moonlight)

  10. shashikiran says:

    Hey whats there to worry dude…,,, And lemme tell u I won’t take it to heart…
    Yeh duniya gol hai yaar , ek gaya toh dusra ayega…… 😉
    I got relocated some 5 times, do u expect me to get back to all the old friends… 🙂

    I dint see Dhoom 2… Exams nearing thats y…..

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