Digital Fortress

Dan Brown had written this book berore three years of release of his all time best Da Vinci code. The story runs well preserving the secrets. But let me tell you at one point of the story you can guess who is bad? also the ending can be predicted easily, if can keep a good track of what happens in the previous parts. Digital fortress is similar to that of Da vinci code (I thing the other way is right,but the latter being more popular I have put it this way). Da Vinci code has its own historic significance where as this political touch with blended twists.

It begins with the death of Ensei Tankado. He is one of the Crypto staff working for US's most secret agency- NSA (National Security Agency). NSA snoops into the emails in order to ensure the nation's security. Like other staff he too works for TRANSLTR. The NSA has developed a massive (four stories tall) supercomputer named TRANSLTR,which helped to break codes and to break the encryption algorithms. But Tankado is not happy with it. He does not like the snooping job.He is intelligent enough to create an unbreakable code called "Digital Fortress", His death seemed to be heart attack but is it natural death or he was murdered?? He leaves behind a passkey for his Digital Fortress. David Becker, a college proffesor is put to find out the pass key by the deputy director of operations, Trevor J Strathmore( Is something fishy!!!!). David is also the would-be of Susan Fletcher, a brilliant and beatiful mathematician, one of the top cryptographers of NSA. Commander is responsible for her to be one of the important member of NSA. The story revolves around them. NSA is being held hostage by the digital fortress. Susan battles to save the agency. David battles for his life till the last to help susan to save the agency. Its exciting and realistic at times.

The best part according to me is:

"The ploy was a brilliant one. Apparently Strathmore had been watching only one side of a tennis match. Since the ball kept coming back, he assumed there was someone on the other side of the net. But Tankado had been against a wall. "

Also David's escape. His character has full life. Next is Susan. Her intelligence in understandind what has been happening and who is responsible…. Strathmore's part is good too, but fades easily. You can always guess about him. Jabba and Fontaine, director (NSA) put up a nice show.

Tankado's message:


Rest is left to you to read.!!


12 thoughts on “Digital Fortress

  1. aparna says:

    hey dan brown’s most books hv d same theme… most of dem hv codes n hv to be encrypted to get to d mystery…

  2. shashikiran says:

    Ok… I am yet to read the other two… U read deception point? Is Robert Langdon there?

  3. aparna says:

    no deception point is a totally diff story… it has no connection wid any of his oder books…

  4. Roshan says:

    its just been a week since i read Da Vinci Code..
    my fren felt tat Digital Fortress is the best.. so i am hoping to read it in the near future..
    but from wat story u have written, it is tooo identical to Da Vinci – Da Vinci bein more famous due to its impact on christianity.. i guess the comparision b/w these 2 books would be like comparing Flintstones with Jetsons..
    have u read Da Vinci Code???

  5. shashikiran says:

    Yeah I have read Da Vinci code… I dint feel Digital Fortress to be superior to Da vinci code. In comparision, Da vici has got stuff in it where as the former lacks…. Accor to my frend Angels and demons is the best!!!!!

  6. aparna says:

    da vinci n angels n demons though dealing wid christianity are very diff from each oder… they talk abt 2 diff aspects in christianity.. da vinci is basically abt jesus… whereas angels n demons talk abt christianity as a whole n abt vatican city…

  7. shashikiran says:

    Hey One of my friends is goonna give Angels n Demons today. Will write about it as soon as I finish reading it…..

  8. aparna says:

    ya waitin to read your ideas abt dat book…

  9. shashikiran says:

    Oh thanks….. 🙂

  10. aparna says:

    so now u got d book…. started readin???

  11. aparna says:

    hey how much of d book hv u finished….

  12. shashikiran says:

    Full…. will post abt it shortly…. coming soon: Angels & Demons

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