Who is hot nowadays? Kailash Kher? If you have not heard of Teri deewani you are missing something! Kailash Kher has created a magic with his voice.He is also a good lyricist. He has written lyrics for 5 out of 8 songs of this album. His album Kailasa is rocking. It spreads essence of love. All the songs from this album are very pleasant to hear. Teri deewani is very good to hear with the music. Lyrics of teri deewani is here.(Just the lyrics would not bring the effect) Its video is popular but not as equally as the song. Next song which I like is Tauba Tauba. Dilruba, Kaise Main Kahoon are other favos…. As said earlier all the songs are good only if you like sufi kinds. You can try listening them before downloading. However he has named Kailasa for both his newly formed band and his album. Kailasa has a freestyle SUFI music with the global approach.

About Kailash kher:

Before Allah Ke Bande he was not recognised at all. He was born in Meerut. He ran from the home. He later went in search of teachers. He lived on the Mumbai’s Andheri railway platform. Now he lives in Lokhandwala area. He had got Rs. 5000 for a jingle for Nakshtra diamonds. He did many jingle for various brands. He had high hopes on Tujh par gagan se which was offered to him by Aadesh Srivastava. But he was numb with shock when heard the same song in Sukhwinder Singh’s voice. But to his resue Allah Ke Bande was in his voice. And changed his life. Now he is a busy man. Trying to reach great heights with his gifted voice. Here is a list of songs featuring Kailash Kher. subhaan allaah subhaan allah…….from fanaa heard of it? It is also by him.


3 thoughts on “Kailasa

  1. Ramsingh says:

    Listen to ALbela sajan, it has traces of dilruba and is nice(r)…

  2. shashikiran says:

    Yeah, I have missed to mention about it…. Its nice…

  3. Sudhanshu says:

    I love kailash kher and his singing i loved his last two releases and the third release also must b wonderful

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