Whats new…..

The vacations started and its time for some active blogging. Hey whats new right now here at my blog? If you have read my previous post- Dandeli, after 12 days!!!!, then you will relize the header image here is a photo taken at Dandeli. The sunset photo, reflection on the water surface.I liked the photo very much and its here now. I am thinking to implement more features in coming days. I am going for a trip for 4 days with family. We have planned to go to Madikeri, kushalnagar, Harangi dam, Abbey falls , Kundapur,  Kollur, Murudeshwar and places around. So before that I wanted to make few changes and I am upto it. I Hope I will  be regular after coming from the trip!!


2 thoughts on “Whats new…..

  1. sahana says:

    yes i do remember the photo…..and the trip as welll……….
    even i liked that photo… enjoy ur trip with family

  2. shashikiran says:

    I remember everything about the trip…..

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