Clearing doubts…..

Here I am, clearing few doubts….. Few question for which I have tried to answer to my best knowledge.

Q. Why Am I receiving number of mails from (blogmail) blogarithm saying You have updated but I found no updates?
A. Blogarithm notifies you even if I change a word, a template and so on. You can unsubscibe now as I have implemented an alternate for that. The new FEEDblitz is the alternate fot Blogarithm.

Q.Why is the font size very small?
A.Try scrolling down the scroll button on your mouse holding 'Ctrl' key. Set the fonts to your desired size.

Q.What are the other links provide at the sidebar?
A.Those are the links for few intresting sites. Two recent updated posts' links will be visible. Click and explore at your interests.

Q.What about quotes? They are the same!
A.No they are not the same. I update them atleast once in a week

Q. The photos at your blog cannot be magnified. Why?
A. I have no powers to upload a magnified image. For that I need some one to host my site.

Now I look forward for your responses.


4 thoughts on “Clearing doubts…..

  1. aparna says:

    hey wanted to tell u long bac itself…thanks for dese hints… was seriously gettin irritated by dose blogarithm mails….

  2. Roshan says:

    Do you mind if I use this info in my blog???
    WIll give credit to you of course..

  3. shashikiran says:

    yeah no problem at all…..

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