I am here at NIIT deploying a basic Java servlet. Its very slow. To start the default server it takes time. Also then the whole deploying takes lot of time so thought of updating the blog. I will not be able to spare time for blogging or even to check mail. I have a very busy schedule for next few days. On 12th there is a function of a near by relative. So my house is goning to be filled with relatives. As I had mentioned in one of my earlier post,there are few things to be faced during exam time. Relatives is one among them. Then I have a mock NIIT test on 13th. From 15th college exam starts.I have to prepare well for mock test, because main exam is on 18th. The same day I'll have Computer exam till 5 in college. At 7 I'll have to write NIIT exam!! It will not be possible to prepare for both on the same day. So my next few days is gonna be hectic. Coming back to deploying, here they want us to deploy a servlet as a J2EE application which is the main reason of time consumption. We are not allowed to deploy it using Tomcat and so on. Once it is deployed and has some errors then the same process should be continued. Its really a test for your patience. Fine I am done with it. No errors!!!


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