Mini(????) project

Its been long time I am updating my blog. The reason for this is my involement in a mini project!!!! I had to make time just to update the quotes in the sidebar, which I do atleast once in a week. Rest of the time I busied myself implementing new methods in the project. It was basically a mini project to be finished in a short duration. But to be frank we(my team) took lot of time to finish it. We had its demo today morning at 9. And we were still working till last minute.

Before starting, we were in gusto to begin the work. Crust N Cream a bakery-cafe in Sadashivnagar agreed to implement our ideas. They were using MS Excel. We were designing it in VB. VB is a tool that allows us to develop GUI applications. At the begining all was going as we thought but as the time elapsed it got tough. It was due to the lack of depth of knowledge in VB, also the way we were hurrying to finish it off. We were not able to handle few runtime errors. We also faced problems using new methods of connectivity to backend- MS Access. Progress is very important but we were at times slow and at times fast. After finishing all documentation we had to make major changes. Atlast it worked well. Viva too went well. So no worries from now on. We can concentrate on our studies now.

What I learnt from this experience is:

"Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first base." 



4 thoughts on “Mini(????) project

  1. Rk says:

    Will Crust N Cream be using your project ?

  2. shashikiran says:

    Yes it was accepted before as they were in search of similar software. But we need to improvise a lot in the existing project.

  3. sneha says:

    we too faced the same problems…only tht the proj started running a succesfully…jus a few days back!!

  4. shashikiran says:

    Thats good right…

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