My experience

On 12th April I had English prepratory exam from 1.00 to 4.00 I had a very nice time from morning and was very happy. I was hardly worried about my exam, had no interest to prepare. Then saw cricket match for some time then went to college. As usual spent time at the begining of the exam. If you know me, I am a slow writer. I started writing well by 2.00. I came to know about the news that Dr. Rajkumar passed away by 2.30 due to heart attack. I was sitting in first bench, an attender came and told me twice about the death by 3.00. By 4.00 I handed my paper to the invigilator. I reached the bus stop. No buses were stopping. I had to walk till market. In market, the scene was different. people from various buses were pulled out. A crowd started shouting then they began to burn tyre. I had to wait for long. Autos refused to comy to my destination even if I offered the double on meter reading!! Then one bus 15 E (Kumarswamy layout bus I would get down at kadirenahalli cross) started and it was loaded so fast that I could not cross the road and get into it. That bus went. Then after searching for auto I got one. But unfortunately I was told to get down as soon as auto started moving. Now fully crowded bus, 31(N R Colony) bus came. passengers started getting down. But crowd got violent so the bus started moving. With no other option I had to climb the bus with space less to keep atleast one leg. But somehow managed to hold the bus and went hanging, my past experience of travelling in bus helped me to climb up a running bus. It was crowded all the way till Nettakallappa circle. At this point one more group threw a stone at the bus. The glass did not break but all were forced to get down. I realised there was no way going home other then walking. No autos, no buses, no private transport. I walked till N R Colony then I saw an auto driver crying. Probably,the group left him because he was aged and was crying for Rajkumar's death!! An old lady asked him whether he would come till Devegowda petrol bank(around 2.2 kms from my home), and an uncle wanted him to drop till Carmel school. He agreed so even I asked whether I could also join them. Now we were again stopped in between. Driver started crying so they left us. After getting down at padmanabha nagar he cried even more and asked all of us to pay. We all payed and went in our ways. Now I had to walk around 2 kms to reach home. Even on the way I passed quietly through the black smoke of burnt tyres. By the time I reched home it was nearly 6.00.

I was tired by the end of day and was overwhelmed by Dr. Raj's death but was thrilled of the experience. I also remembered days when he was kidnapped by Veerappan. At night I felt as though my bed was longing for me and missing me!!!!


6 thoughts on “My experience

  1. Rk says:

    Oh!! It must have been scary all through out…you were alone ? Keep some company during such times.

  2. shashikiran says:

    I was alone… No one comes this side via market but for me bus frequency is good.

  3. aparna says:

    hey dear… not bad….. well i did not come across any such things on dat day…nways i left earlier than you dat day but poor you… you practically walked back the whole way home…. tough luck….

  4. shashikiran says:

    Hmmm….. thats because U went to a near by aunt’s house( which is at far walkable distance)…….

  5. sneha says:

    u shud have come to the other side of the bus stop…i wud have dropped dad had come…bt any ways how wud u know tht…u had already gone tht side..n in tht confusion..brain does nt work..  😦

  6. shashikiran says:

    Hey thanks…. I was the last one to hand over the paper and come out of the room, by then I could not see anyone from our class…

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