Kannada films

Long back when Sushma Swaraj had visited Karnataka she made peculiar statement.
She adviced Kannada film industry to produce much effective, much thought provoking, much tasty films and compete with other film industries in the country. Honest and kind directors took her words in the true(?) sense. They started making films with various lengths of ಮಚ್ಹು? (ಲಾಂಗು? ಮಚ್ಹು?)!!! It all started with Majestic starring Darshan, Rekha. Kariya, Kalasipalya, Nandi….. Then it never stopped till the recent hit Jogi. But in between various directors tried to stop this kind of advancement but they failed. It was from the outcome of the success of a film like Apthamitra kannada film industry found its lost value. Then recently films like Amruthadhare, Nenapirali, Rama Shama Bhama and the latest one My Autograph are drawing people to theatres. So can we expect quality films,atleast now??


8 thoughts on “Kannada films

  1. Rk says:

    But, RSB and My Autograph are remakes…Anyways it is a good time for Kannada cinema…

  2. shashikiran says:

    Apthamitra is also a remake…. What I intent to say is these films are without ಮಚ್ಹು and all violence.

  3. jayateerth says:

    amrutdhare,anna tangi and jogi are remaking in telugu,that’s a good sign for kannada film industry

  4. shashikiran says:

    Yeah thats a very good sign…. More quality cinemas should come……

  5. Chandru says:

    No one can’t beat Kannada Film I will beat to all the film industry, let them take callenge by competing like kannada industry and make the film hit.

  6. srinivas says:

    Very good site. Liked very much.

    I need tananam tananam kannada film song lyrics…..


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  8. Robert says:

    It is really great time for the industry, but more so for the film goers.
    Hope they continue the trend.

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