Kumble 500 Wickets

We congratulate Steve Harmison on being the 500th victim for Anil Kumble who is from Bangalore,Karnataka.

This was what I saw on Sunday in front of a shop in Jayanagar 4th block. Anil has made all of us proud by taking 500 wickets.He is the first Indian bowler to take 500 wickets. He is only the third spin bowler to achive this, however he is the fifth bowler in world to do this. Kumble is not well known for his spin but for his intelligence while bowling.His weapons are variations of pace, trajectory, perfect length. He will be the most effective bowler even after bowling the maximum overs. He has the ability to keep the batsmen thinking. Not to forget his hard work his ability of attacking the opponents even if he is not well.

When one manages to bowl 14 overs, with a broken jaw, despite doctor’s advice to not do so, you know that that someone is more committed to his cricket, than his life itself. That, in a line sums up Anil Kumble, probably one of the greatest leg-spinners of all-time.

This was what I read recently in net,but I dont remember where!!!

Check out Anil Kumble’s Stat.


2 thoughts on “Kumble 500 Wickets

  1. Ashish says:

    Yes. I agree with you. Kumble has been the backbone of Indian attack for over a decade now and has shouldered the responsibility magnificently well. The fact that he has proved equally effective on foreign soil of late speaks volumes of his determination and will to improve all the time. He has set a benchmark that will be difficult to surpass. Kudos to Anil Kumble !

  2. shashikiran says:

    Yes Ashish, Let us wish all the best to Kumble….

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