My Honda Unicorn

It was exactly one month before, on the same date I got my Unicorn. Now say its been a month with my unicorn and I feel proud to have a bike like this.Its gear system is cool… One of my NIIT friends has Pulsar 180cc its nice but gear system is not as smooth as Unicorn. Well I like everything in my bike. After taking few test drives of various other bikes I felt there was no one to compete with this bike, still I feel the same…. Riding this is fun and thrilling…. I enjoy riding it.



4 thoughts on “My Honda Unicorn

  1. sunny says:

    U look cool on the bike. go on man

  2. aparna says:

    hey da……
    wanted to write dis comment on d 1 month aniversary of your bike but couldnt due to reasons… nways congrats on your bike though i hv told you this before…. your bike is coooool dear…. way to go… you loook awesome on it….. witing to see it soooon…..

  3. shashikiran says:

    Thanks… I was about to bring it today but later cancelled as the prog was not fixed.

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