Hey wanna know…..

Hey wanna know more about me from others? What they feel about me? Then just have a look at my Johari window-here it is.Also if you have something to add, you are welcome. You can describe me from the words given and which you think describes me best. If you dont find suitable words there just type in the words in the form of a comment. It wont take much time. Click here to describe me!!!!


3 thoughts on “Hey wanna know…..

  1. Roshan says:

    again.. innovative thinking..
    u got the Johari Window from me, right??
    n so u dont mind if i use this idea of urs in my blog tooo!!!!!!!!

  2. Roshan says:

    n can u enlighten me plz???
    whos given her name as SWEETHEART in ur Johari Window!!!!!!!

  3. shashikiran says:

    Yes you can use the idea….
    And about sweetheart one of my friend has used the name as sweetheart…. Just for fun…. 😉 🙂

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