Must during tests/exams

There are few kinds of weird belief in me, without which I feel my exams may not end peacefully!!
To support my belief there are few incidents.Now thats what I call 'must during exam times'. They are:

  1. Power shut down:Few years ago when I was studying in Kumarns this came into my mind.We lived in Shastri Nagar and that area always had power shortage.Since then during my exams power loss is compulsory(except in Bombay). Recently,4 days before there was a major power shut down in south bangalore. My internals were going on.
  2. Sudden visit of guests: This became common and I do not want to pour cold water on the situation. At times I become helpless. Let me tell you a very recent incident. 24th Feb I had maths internals.The previous day my uncle, aunt and their 2 year old kid had come. Its a custom to show your face and speak few words. But the kid never allowed me to sit and study. Also the kid was so cute and sweet that I became helpless.
  3. Sudden health problems:I don't bunk a single class giving 'falling sick' reason. But exactly during exam time I prone to fall sick!! I don't call it examnation fever.Its different…
  4. Alarm fails:Most of you might have experienced this. It always fails to wake me up during exam time. Now I don't consider it to be my mind set not to wake up by alarm!!

This kid came just before my maths exam…..
Rohan Rohan with style Hey check this Oh...

A very active Rohan…..


7 thoughts on “Must during tests/exams

  1. Roshan says:

    whos that kid rohan. dont i know him?

  2. shashikiran says:

    He is son of Ravishankar and Jyothi…..

  3. sneha says:

    hi shashi the reasons u’ve written is absolutely true..i too face these problems….well we always have a solution for it…yes..its our friends who sit in front or beside can help…

  4. shashikiran says:

    Hmmm…. Snehaaa… 😀 I come before you right? So I’ll be next to you or in front of you….

  5. sneha says:

    hey …i was talking about the tests..but in exams..we won’t dare to do it right??

  6. aparna says:

    hey guys exams nearing…….get ready for power failures……n sudden guests da…… also giv your alarm clocks for repairs…….

  7. jimz says:

    hasta la vista baby!!

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