Dandeli, after 12 days!!!!

After 12 days, every moment spent in Dandeli is fresh in my mind. This trip was the one I was longing for….

Inside cave A hallow tree Sunset... Sunset Half sun set in water!

First day:White water rafting and night trek.
We reached the place many hours late due to the tyre patch, worst road condition and slow driving.It was 9 30a.m when we reached.
As soon as we reached we were told to change and have light breakfast. Then was the major event,white water rafting. Due to the tiresome journey all were worried if they could get involved in the event or not. But the event certainly changed all the mind sets. It was thrilling fun. We were given life jackets , helmet and paddle.There were 6 in a group and 1 instructor for each group. Then we were pushed into the water. The instructor thought us some commands then we went to the streams of Kali river.Rafting was the best among all other events in Dandeli.By the time we returned it was 2.30. Time for lunch. Later in the evening we went for night trek. Climbing up was easy.There was a sunset point at the top. It was beautiful. After that without using any light source we came down. it took 1 hour 20 minutes to come down. The dinner was special! veg pizza was really good. Dinner with the photos of rafting made us jump with joy….

Second day: Long trek and cave exploration.

The trekking to the cave was good. We went all the way without much chattering as we knew it would tire us more.By the time we reached the cave, all looked tired!! There was snake ready to welcome us at the entrance. But it was silent till we left the cave. We went inside the cave with torches on.There was a big linga formed due stalagmites and stalactites in between the cave. we were told to switch off torches and to maintain silence so as to feel the darkness. We reached our cottage. Time for lunch and rest. Then came feed back. Then we left the place.

.On The way to cave... Salagmite Salagmite2 LingaLeaning tree

The food provided at the camp was really awesome. The bus journey was tiresome and boring. But we (nine of us from our class) enjoyed the journey too. When all others in the bus were tired and sleepy we were enjoying to the core.

As a whole most memorable trip for me….


20 thoughts on “Dandeli, after 12 days!!!!

  1. sneha says:

    hi man..i think its the same with me here too.the whole thing was great fun and to think of it now also gives me gitters and fills in the same amt of exitement…it was really a very gooood trip and one helluva fun..truly memorable and unforgettble.. u bet..

  2. shashikiran says:

    Yup, it is unforgettable and momorable….

  3. sahana says:

    hi dear…
    tius trip is the most memorable and thrilling rite… each and every moment spent is memorable and nice to cherish it every moment…. never in life had such a wonderful thrilling exciting trip..

  4. shashikiran says:

    I agree I miss every moment of the trip….

  5. Aparna says:

    hi da… even if years go past i will remeber every single moment of d trip….. cant forget d two memorable days of our life….. it was fun n having the nine of us der together was even more great… three cheers for our trip…. rite guys….

  6. shashikiran says:

    Yup.. Cheers to our trip,Jain college, Vishwacharana group…

  7. Aru says:

    first of all u don’t know to swim then how could u do such an adventure of river rafting

  8. shashikiran says:

    It is not necessary to know swimming for that… They will provide you with life jacket so that you will not drown….

  9. vamshee says:

    lovely dude!!!!

  10. shashikiran says:

    Hmmm… Lovely trip….. lovely memories…..

  11. satya says:

    hi guys,
    thought even i can share some of my experiences, its a long way to exlain the things so i have put on some stuff as a PDF whoever wishes please mail me at srishti.19@gmail.com and u’ll receive a PDF which says a lot on the Unexplored Jungles of Dandeli.

  12. shashikiran says:

    Oh that would be intresting…. Thanks…

  13. Satyanarayan says:

    Hi Everybody, Really nice to read aboout your feeling on my birth city, My 25 years stay in dandeli really remmebers my days, any how I am missing my place since five years I am out of the city, to search livelihood, now i am in chennai, I always log on to google and keep reading about my city, Well there is lot of exp I have cherished in my mind, my runaways, my expore in jungle to collect firewood, those two months summer holidays, to collect fruits…….. well its too long If any one want to more any thing more i will be glad to share with you all, you can get to me on shavalad@yahoo.com; or shavalad2006@gmail.com

  14. shashikiran says:

    25 years stay!! Thats great…… Beautiful place… You are lucky…..

  15. Rajesh says:

    I am lucky to be born and brought up in Dandeli. I own dandeli.com website and i love the place to my death.I am in the process of building dandeli.com website. If any body has pics,info or any comments then please let me know.

    I appreciate your help.
    Satya magna heng adi le. Nan Rajesh IPM 😉

  16. shashikiran says:

    Hi Rajesh I have few photos…… Will send it to u shortly,,,

  17. Rajesh says:

    Hello Shashi,

    Thanks for your support. Kindly email me the info at tavakari ( at ) yahoo.com

    I will wait for your mail. I have uploaded Dandeli.com ( Yes, i am still searching for images/pics.


  18. Rajesh says:

    Hello Sashi,

    Thanks for the pics, they are great. I will let you know, once i update the site.

    Take care.

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