Eager for Rang De Basanti

After reading reviews I am very eager to watch the film. But if you are unknown about the khan-craze you may not get the tickets easily. From the day of release i.e, from 26the Jan in every theatre you will get a ticket for a show after three days!!Especially in the theatres where there is tele booking. Even till today the craze has not gone down.Many of my friends showed a desire of watching the movie again few more times.


5 thoughts on “Eager for Rang De Basanti

  1. Rk says:

    I might see it tomorrow if I can finish work before that.

  2. shashikiran says:

    Hey I saw it yesterday, 🙂 its awesome….

  3. Roshan says:

    its brilliant

  4. shashikiran says:

    So you saw it for second time!? 🙂

  5. Roshan says:

    yeah.. i did.. n why dont u check my blog too.. i have said that i have watched it twice…

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