Zahreeli raatein? Aadat??

Hey check these two songs. Hear them carefully…. Did you notice the similarities???

Anyways I will make it clear.There is a song in Chocolate with the title Zahreeli raatein.Some where in between the wordings are: ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene mein…

If you have heard of the song Aadat(part 1) you may realize, but to be more clear if you hear a song by name Aadat(part 2) then almost the whole song seems to be copied.

Aadat songs are originally from a Pakistani band called Jal. This song is included in the film Kalyug.

Zahreeli rateein is bit fast and with a sound background music.

Aadat(2) is slow with a silent background music.


7 thoughts on “Zahreeli raatein? Aadat??

  1. Roshan says:

    i havent heard all the songs but at the present moment in bollywood in the name of inspiration many tracks r stolen and remade

  2. shashikiran says:

    You are right Roshan. Nowadays most of the songs seem to be heard before, eventhough you are hearing it for the first time!!

  3. sunil says:

    Hey dude ! just chill. After all this is KALYUG

  4. […] In one of my eariler post i had mentioned about the similarities between two different songs. Here there are few more. This years one of the greatest musical hit Gangster has few awesome songs. Who doesn’t like Ya Ali or Bheegi Bheegi or Lamha Lamha?? All the three songs were the among the best songs of the year. Now let me tell you how Pritam managed to do such a good job. All the above songs are rip offs of Arabic , Bangla and pakistani songs. Ya ghali is the original song of ya ali. An Aarabic band by name Guitara has this song in its Qissati album. Bheegi bheegi is copied from the song Prithibi by Mohiner Ghoraguli. Then Lamha lamha is copied from Kal Shab Dekha from a Pakistani singer Waris Baig. […]

  5. hardik dedhia says:

    dude , go to website , there u can c how the whole song of addat has got spoilt by their members themselves,
    but whatever they guys did was good , in terms of creativity ,
    but whatever kalyug n chocolate did to this beautiful song is just like raping the songs. kalyug still had that good feel , but , still it was ripped off ,
    chocolate version is jus hopeless

  6. shashikiran says:

    Hey it has become a common deal to copy the songs….

  7. Urvashi says:

    Yeah, i’ve heard those songs before..

    It was origially composed by Jal. But, ht e Atif’s version is more common.
    I just love aadat.. the jal version.. Even the bikhra hu main song.. 🙂

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